Rhino and 3Dprinting

At the Rhinoacademie we are very enthusiastic about the possibillities of 3Dprinting.

We have a lot of Ultimaker printers that we can use and demonstrate during courses.

3D printing is developing very fast. In order to keep track of what is where and how, we try to keep up with all the new possibilities. During the Level II course you will be dealing with 3Dprinting and how to get there via Rhino. At the end of the second day we collect objects of the students that are being 3Dprinted the next day. You can take your newly built object  in Rhino home as a 3Dmodel.

We also have a special 3D print courseook hebben we een speciale 3Dprint cursus. If you want to know more about that, click here


rhino and 3Dprinting