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Working with Rhinoceros 5.0

New Rhino book by Michiel van der Kley

This new book is a user guide for working with Rhinoceros 5.0, the 3D modelling and visualisation program for product designers, artists, architects and sculptors.

Rhino render Grassh

This book will teach you, step by step, to use the program. The book describes drawing in 2D, building in 3D, editing in 3D, materials, light, rendering, the export possibillities, scripting and a lot more with a lot of examples.

The book will be dealing with a lot of the new things of Rhino 5.0, without loosing the good things of our other book 'Working with Rhinoceros4.0' .

The book has a lot of new exercises and six new chapters in which, amongst other things, Grasshopper, Sub object modelling and Degrees, is being explained.

It is a book, written in plain English, explaining the basics with many useful illustrations. Work yourself through this book and become a 3D artist. Visualise your ideas from now on.

The book is divided in two types of chapters. We distinguish the regular chapters that explain the program from start to finish. If you work through these chapters one by one, you'll find that you will have become a pretty good user by the end of it.
The other chapters are the so called "do-chapters". You can work through these chapters without any previous knowledge of the other chapters; you will be chaperoned through to the last application.


Nice if you don’t feel like ploughing through texts and handy because you gain practical knowledge of the program with each chapter.

320 pages, 680 illustrations.