Rhino Level II course

When you have enough basic knowledge, and you want to get more and specific knowledge and skills, then this comprehensive course is something for you. During this course we are dealing with:

Customizing Rhino and Scripting in Rhino
You get to learn how to make simple changes to the user interface and get to know ways of making your own shortcuts. Besides you learn how to make some basic scripting.


Advanced modeling techniques in Rhino
While working on examples you will learn new and advanced surface techniques. You will also learn a lot there is to know about surface continuity and analyzing surfaces. You also get to know techniques for changing continuity and degrees.

Grasshopper, the new generative modeling technique for Rhino
A large part of the course is reserved for Grasshopper. We will focus on understanding the user interface, getting to know the different items, making simple objects, using math and more, and building advanced Grasshopper models.